Timberline has now released a new laundry system. This modular system will allow you to customise your laundry to suit your individual needs. Whether you need a custom wall to wall or just a small laundry, they have a solution for you.

These fantastic MODULAR laundry cabinets let you configure endless different combinations and layouts. Here are some simple steps to help you work it out:

  1. Measure the total overall size you have available. remember to make allowance for wall tiles if your laundry hasn’t yet been tiled.
  2. Check your washing machine and tumble drier sizes and confirm with the manufacturer what free space they require around them. We advise that you provide a bit too much free space rather than too little. This ensures that if you replace your machines later you won’t be left with a space that is too small.
  3. Select your preferred cabinet layout from the options
  4. Check your laundry sink size with your plumber. We recommend a 900mm base cabinet to fit the sink. Some smaller sinks may fit into a 600mm base cabinet.
  5. Place the sink next to your washing machine to allow your plumber to connect the water pipes for the washing machine.
  6. If the side of your cupboards butt up to a wall, order a FILLER PANEL to go between the wall and the side of the cupboard. This allows for a neat finish against the wall.
  7. For a neat finish order END PANELS to go beside washing machines or at the end of a row of cupboards if they are not butting up against a side wall. This is not mandatory but will create a neater finish.
  8. Once you have your cabinet layout confirmed, add up the CABINET + END PANEL + WASHING MACHINE sizes to work out the overall benchtop length. Note: the maximum benchtop length is 3600mm.
  9. If you are creating a wall to wall laundry we can make a special width cabinet to suit. E.G. we can reduce the size of a 900mm cabinet to 850mm.