The Pros & Cons of buying bathrooms online

Buying bathrooms online – Is it for you?

Thinking of renovating?

Going through all the bathroom products and fixtures you’ll need? Or is it kitchen items that you need?

Even the smallest project can blow out in cost, time and stress.

The idea can make even the calmest person get very nervous.

Finding the items that you’re looking for is a key step in the process.

These days, searching online has become almost second nature but buying online?

That can be really nerve wracking.

Too many things can go wrong.

Suddenly, a stressful situation can quickly become overwhelming. 

Buying online supplies

Buying online is becoming the new way to shop. It is a growing industry in itself but that it is not to say it is for everyone and every purchase.

A classic example is when you are buying items that will be fitted into your bathroom or kitchen.

What if those items don’t fit? How do you return something if it doesn’t or something’s not right? What if the colour isn’t the same as it looks on the website?

It can make your palms start sweating just thinking about it!

The advantages to buying online

There are clear advantages to buying bathroom fixtures online.

You will often get the best price and quick delivery.

The key is ensuring that you are dealing with a reputable company.

That is a major risk with any online purchase.

The last thing you need is to buy your bathroom products online only to find that the seller isn’t prepared to help or fix the situation if and when something goes wrong.

Dealing with a trusted and experienced team has huge advantages and gives you peace of mind.

Taking the stress out of renovating

Renovating is stressful. Any chance of taking some of that stress away is welcome.

Recognising what can cause problems and issues before you begin will pay huge benefits.

Dealing with a team who have seen the pitfalls of renovating for themselves and know how to best deal with any issues is a great advantage.

Anticipating any issues that arise means eliminating unnecessary worries or stress. You want to deal with a company that gets things right the first time and – if anything should go wrong, to fix it straight away.

Knowing who you’re dealing with

Too many online businesses make it almost impossible to contact their staff. Just because they want everything to be automated via the website or email so they can cut the costs of running a business doesn’t make for a convenient or easy experience.

That’s often where online businesses drop the ball.

You are left wondering what is going on and if saving that money on price alone was worth it.

An online supplier who is dedicated to meeting customer expectations is a precious thing.

The Bathware Direct difference

That’s where the team at Bathware Direct stand out for their outstanding customer service.

The team have a wealth of expertise and experience – over 60 years to be precise.

The best part is you have access to the team by phone, email, live chat or in person at our Melbourne showroom. They can help walk you through what would be best for your bathroom and steer you towards the best possible result.

The online Bathware store with more

Each of our product listings have all the details you’ll need, including the size, and dimensions.

Working out your colour scheme is slightly trickier. For example, it can be difficult to accurately describe whether a particular vanity finish will work with your selected tile.

To deal with this issue, Bathware Direct offer free vanity cabinet finish sample chips to help make a better match.

Getting the Best Price guarantee and Australia-wide delivery is just part and parcel of why Bathware Direct are the top online bathroom and kitchen supplier.

AND – if anything should go wrong, even if you change your mind or make a mistake, you don’t need to panic. Bathware Direct are proud to offer 14 day Free returns.

You can find more details on how Returns & Refunds here.

If you have questions about any product you are interested in, just get in contact.

You can call anytime between 8.00am to 4.30pm weekdays or email Bathware Direct via the

Contact Us page.

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