The 5 Best Toilets to Buy

Buying a toilet seems like it should be a simple task without too much drama, right? We think of if as being a functional item in the home that we don't like to pay too much attention to but the fact is that every house needs at least one. At Bathware Direct we have had a lot of customers say to us that they didn't realise how many different options and features there were when it came to buying a toilet so here is a quick guide.

These days there really is no reason not to buy a wall facing toilet, where the pan sits flush against the wall, because they are no longer unreasonably expensive and they are actually more flexible when fitting them to existing plumbing.

Our Top 5 Back to Wall Toilets

    Good for: Your forever home. Raised height toilets make it easier to sit down and stand up so, whilst it is not the full height of a care toilet, it is slightly higher and great as you get older.

    What is so great about this toilet? The Houston Toilet Suite has a unique tornado flush which makes flushing more effective and it also includes a nano coated anti-bacterial finish inside the pan so it is easy to clean. Also it's raised height but it still looks stylish (unlike some of the daggy care toilets available).

    2.   Fairfield Rimless Back to Wall Suite
    Good for: Cleaning

    What is so great about this toilet? It includes every type of cleaning technology you could ever want! The Fairfield includes a rimless pan, nano glaze anti-bacterial technology and detachable seat plus it has smooth sides for external cleaning.

    3. Rimini Short Projection Toilet Suite

    Good for: Small Spaces

    What is so great about this toilet? The Rimini Toilet Suite has a short projection at 615mm from the wall to the front of the toilet. It is the next best option if you can't have an inwall cistern toilet suite. The Rimini is also rimless, includes a nano-glazed pan and has the option of a matte black button.

    4. Barnett Wall Faced Toilet Suite

    Good for: Budget

    What is so great about this toilet? The Barnett Toilet is an AMAZING option! It includes most of the features we see in other, more expensive, units. It has a rimless pan, nano glazing, short projection and flexible plumbing. The reason for it being less expensive is that the design is not as highly sought after compared to the Rimini but as far as features go they are both excellent choices.

    5. Port Rimless Back to Wall Toilet

    Good for: Classic Style

    What is so great about this toilet? The Port Toilet Suite is perfect for those who want to move from an old fashioned toilet to one that includes new features and benefits and sits nicely against the wall without going too modern in style. It includes many of the features including rimless pan, flexible plumbing and detachable seat so it is an easy solution for replacing an old toilet.