Kitchen sinks that won't drain your budget

If you are looking for the best kitchen sink and at the best price, it makes sense to save your dollars by searching for kitchen sinks online.

You can forget the headache and hassle of having to go from store to store and wasting your time with a place that doesn’t have the stock in or on display.

Affordable kitchen sinks are not hard to find if you know what you’re looking for.

Different styles of kitchen sinks

The humble kitchen sink has come a long way from its early beginnings.

These days, there are any number of different styles and variations which include:

  • Single or double bowls
  • With or without a drainer
  • Undermount or overmount (drop-in)
  • Left or Right Hand Bowl
  • Plus the varieties of size, shape and finished materials

It’s all a matter of style, function and cost and what is most important to you. Most people are looking for affordable kitchen sinks that have a certain stylishness to their functionality.

The pros & cons of undermount kitchen sinks

There is often a fine line between choosing undermount kitchen sinks or the overmount version.

The overmount or drop-in variety is inserted into a hole in the benchtop with the weight of the sink supported by a lip that rests on the benchtop.

Undermount kitchen sinks are inset into the actual cabinet below. This means they sit just slightly below the line of the benchtop.

  • An aesthetically cleaner line

The pros of undermount kitchen sinks start with the cleaner line and the fact that they are concealed from view. It can make the kitchen look more efficient and literally ‘cleaner’ as a result.

They do cost more to install than the overmount versions.

  • More expensive

The issue of how easy to clean the sink is a fundamental question to answer.

A kitchen needs to be clean to keep its appeal and that is even more important when it comes the kitchen sink itself.

Whilst it is easy to sweep the bench cleanly into the sink because there is no rim or edge to block it. Unfortunately, there can be issues of unwanted build-up around the edge of the sink where it joins the benchtop and there can be a gap between the top of the sink and the underside of the benchtop.

Whilst undermount kitchens sinks are generally easier to clean, make sure you tackle the issue of the hidden dirt and grime build-up.

  • Usually easier to clean

Making more space in the kitchen can make life easier.

You want to be able to utilise every inch of space in your kitchen. It makes for a more workable and enjoyable time in the room itself.

Undermount kitchen sinks can make the most of all available space. They can even reach all the way to the edge of the sink.

This is a simple but effective way to make the most of your kitchen space which is especially important in smaller kitchens.

Overmount or drop-in sinks often give you a wider choice of benchtop materials because you don’t have to worry about the edge of your benchtop. With something like stone benchtops, the edges are prone to being chipped by large pots and the like if you choose an undermount version.

Sink or Whim

When it comes to a kitchen sink, the importance of price shouldn’t outweigh the practical use of the sink.

Remember, you will be using your kitchen sink 6 to 8 times a day. That is an important space within the kitchen. Make sure you have a space that works best for you and suits your style as well.

Once you’re ready to compare the possibilities, you can find affordable kitchen sinks online and compare the specifications and prices.

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