Get the Look: Mocha Bathroom

This is a really popular look right now. This bathroom has classic mocha tiles. The larger tiles running lengthwise on the wall make the wall look longer.

Mocha Tile Bathroom

These tiles look like they are about are 30cm by 60 cm. On the base of the shower they’ve got some gorgeous matching mosaic tiles, these would be porcelain tiles, which are good for grip.

mocha tile large

mocha floor tile

And then you can see on the wall, they’ve got a shower which is an overhead shower with a hand shower attached, so you could take the hand shower off and wash the shower which is a really great little addition.

photo 1

On the vanity they’ve got that open. This is probably good for maybe an ensuite or something where you don’t have lots and lots of “things” and you can keep your items, your face creams, your moisturizers and soap and all kinds of stuff inside the shaving cabinet on the wall. And then you can see there’s a gorgeous vessel basin with a tall basin mixer going over it.

shaving cabinet

photo 2

basin mixer

And underneath—I don’t know if you can see it, just in the corner there—there’s a little basket where you can put your facewashers and other bits and pieces.


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