Get the look!

It’s one thing to save a bathroom to your Pinterest board. It’s quite another to bring that vision to life. Fortunately, you’ll find the skill at the top of our C.V. at Bathware Direct. Today, we’re putting it to good use, breaking down this high-end bathroom design into affordable, accessible elements. The best part? It’s all available at Bathware Direct. 

Popular in 2021 is a bathroom that features plenty of natural elements, combined with selections that retain modernity and an overall sense of luxury. Take this bathroom above - a concrete tile pulls on earthy inspiration in a sophisticated, ageless manner, while timber cabinetry plays into this effortless aesthetic, with brushed gold and chrome accents adding an adequate touch of opulence. 

We know what you’re thinking: where do I start? 

Begin by replicating an open-plan design. What’s presented is not a huge space. It feels larger, given the choice of a subtle shower panel as opposed to a complete enclosure. You could do the same with the Tena Fixed Shower Panel which creates enough division without inhibiting perception of space. 

To continue a theme of stylish yet discrete features, choose the Bounty Bermuda Square Smart Tile. Unlike others, this recess doesn’t take away from your décor. If anything, it adds to the level of contrast; an easy way to emphasise your choice of tile. 

It’s time to turn your head to your toilet suite: namely, to a back-to-wall option for a streamlined and space-saving solution. Alike to the one pictured, the Rimini Rimless Wall Faced Suite is an incredibly popular choice for maximising tile exposure. Pair this with the Manhattan 1200mm Wall Hung Vanity to honour every inch of your surface area. Love the finish you see above? When choosing your colour, opt for the Milano Walnut Texture. 

Last but not least, it’s time to recruit some classic chrome accessories. Not only is chrome extremely durable, you’ll find that matching features bring ultimate cohesion and unity to your design. We’d start with the Vivid Slimline Up Shower/Wall Mixer, topped with the Kara Round Stainless Steel Shower Head. Complete the contemporary look with the Nero Round Wall Shower Arm

Don’t forget to tie the room together with the Zenith 320mm Wall Swivel Basin Spout (also in Chrome), adding just a hint of Matt Black via the Monaco Round Mirror. Inject life into your design with some greenery and a playful towel set… and voilà! Your Pinterest board just became your everyday reality with Bathware Direct.