Buying Guide: Heated Towel Rail
Hanging wet towels in your bathroom is always a problem. Depending on the number of people who are using the bathroom you often don’t have enough towel rails to accommodate the number of towels that are used and they just sit there wet. You can’t fold them up and put them away whilst they are wet.
Heated Towel Rail round
Heated towel rails, particularly of the latest ladder style, are a really good solution to this problem. You have space to hang more than one towel and by being heated it dries the towels for you. There are a few different varieties of towel rails that you can buy. Bathware Direct sells both the square style and the round style in different heights and different widths.
Things to take into account when you buy a towel rail. The main consideration when buying a heated towel rail is your electrical requirements. Whether you need it to be wired on one side or the other side the towel rails that you can buy at Bathware Direct are all able to be wired on either the left or the right. These towel rails can be installed “DIY” by simply mounting the towel rail on the wall and plugging the plug into a power socket on the wall. The plug that is not used can be capped or cut and instructions are included. These towel ladders can also be hard wired by an electrician. There is no switch installed on the towel rail itself to turn the rail on and off so an electrician can install an on/off switch or, alternatively, a timer that automatically turns the towel rail off at the set time.
Heated Towel Rail square
As far as the location of your towel ladder, something to be aware of is that there are rules regarding how far your towel ladder can be from water sources so if you’ve got a basin or a shower in the same room where you’ve got your towel ladder, you should speak to the electrician about what the laws are regarding your type of towel ladder and the location that you’ve got allocated for it. The different styles of accessories that we recommend to go with the towel ladders include the Series 64 accessories to go with Square towel ladders and the Series 73 bathroom accessories would look great with the Round towel ladders. The Huss tapware would look lovely with the Round towel ladders and Sole tapware are a good match with the Square Towel ladders.
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