A black bathroom – the things you will need to put it all together

The way to the best to make your dream of a black bathroom come to life

Not everyone can pull off a black bathroom, but you can if you have all the right advice and plan for each part of the puzzle.

With the perfect black bathroom can sound ominous to some. It can be a tricky project to get right but with the right black bathroom fittings and accessories, you can have a stylish and almost timeless look for years to come.

How black do you want your black bathroom to be?

As a shade, black has the power to create a strong aesthetic. It can sometimes tip the scales into a claustrophobic look. This is where your choice of how much black to use can stop your bathroom from being overwhelmed.

Black bathroom fittings can be the way to use black in your bathroom as a highlighting feature.

Having your tiling in a contrasting white or a muted grey or slate colour will give your black bathroom taps a stage to showcase your style.

From matching black tapware, showerhead and even a black bathroom vanity, you can create a stylish through-line of all your bathroom features in the most effective way.

Black bathrooms can add an extra edge

Even a traditionally styled bathroom can have special elements defined by the use of black. You can do this with a simple use of black paint on doorways and architraves.

A similar effect can be created with a choice of black in the tiling for the bathroom. This can be used for the floor, walls or shower and give the room a special contrasting element that won’t date.

Many people feel nervous about the use of black especially in a bathroom environment. This is where a plan of what you will do and how you will use black can make all the difference.

Here is a basic list of what you could do to create your black bathroom;

  • Black bathroom taps
  • Full or partial black tiling
  • All Black bathroom fittings
  • Using black paint for the ceiling / walls
  • black bathroom accessories
  • a black bathroom vanity and mirror

or any combination of the above that works best for you.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to overdo it or you run the risk of turning your bathroom into something of a cave.

The black and white combination

There’s nothing as classic and charming as the ideal mix of black and white in the bathroom.

This is where your white basin and tiling can bring out the stark contrast of a black bathroom vanity or fittings.

By not committing to a full black conversion for your bathroom, you have the door open to reworking things in the future if you feel the need.

You can add some of the black accessories with new black tapware bathroom designers use when they create their showcase bathrooms.

From the leading names in bathroom styling, tiling & designing, there is a growing number of fashionable bathrooms that utilise the strength and certainty that black brings.

Going with a bathroom in black and you’ll never look back

There is a whole range of black bathroom accessories and fittings to help you put together the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of.

You can now choose from a whole selection of beautiful black bathroom products, including;

There’s a host of other great bathware that you can choose from and build an incredible bathroom with the beauty of black throughout.

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