For the best and most water efficient handshowers, head straight to Bathware Direct. There’s something special about the freedom and control that handshowers give you.

Forget the frustration of a fixed shower head and having to find when and where to stand for the right flow of water. You can enjoy the ease and efficiency of having the power in your very own hands.

That’s the beauty of choosing one of the great range of handshowers available now at Bathware Direct – a little bit of luxury is yours.

Refine Results
Refine Results

The top hand held showers are here

There is a big difference between reliable and efficient handshowers and those that are a waste of time, water and your money.
You want to be sure that as soon as you step into your shower that you will have the water you want ready to go. The last thing you need is to be second guessing whether you will have the spray of water you want or anything from a erratic burst or disappointing dribble because of the shower head.
With Bathware Direct, you get the best of the best hand held showers at the very best price.

The best brands in the bathroom business

Making sure your bathroom is fitted with quality bathware products pays off in more ways than one.
It’s just as important when it comes to the shower itself and your shower fittings.
You want to know that the shower base is completely waterproof, the tapware is at the right height and easy to use and the all-important shower head will give the right water pressure and spray coverage that you want – first time, every time.
You can also choose your option based on style and the length of the hand shower hose.
You get those advantages with the top brands available now from Bathware Direct, including;
• Brodware
• Phoenix
• Methven
• Cob & Pen
• Gracott
• Con-Serv
• Keekoe and more
Offering top quality items delivered quickly and efficiently is what Bathware Direct is all about.

Clear benefits of handshowers vs fixed showers

With handshowers, you have the ability to cover the needs of anyone who uses the shower what-ever their height. That includes anyone who may need to sit in the shower.
The other advantages of a hand held shower include;
1. A wider variety of models
2. Less expensive than fixed versions
3. More water-efficient
4. More precise (washing just your hair, legs or feet)
5. Make cleaning the shower easier
It makes sense to have the flexibility and comfort that a hand shower hose can bring you. You’ll be saving water, money and hassles while enjoying the delights of a luxurious shower.

Enjoy the Bathware Direct difference

Bathware Direct is proud to be a family owned and operated business with a dedication to providing the best quality products at the best price with our dedication to customer service excellence.
You will always know that we only sell products that meet all Australian standards and requirements. Shop through the extensive range today and enjoy delivery Australia-wide with Bathware Direct.

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