vanities for bathrooms

In the age of social media where every corner of our lives has become subject to sharing (and scrutiny), it’s only natural to want your home sanctuary, (read: your bathroom) to not only be functional but insta worthy too. Inspired by the beautiful spaces that grace our screens, we’ve come up with 5 upgrades you can make that’ll make your bathroom worthy of a double tap. 


Statement Lighting:

One of the quickest and most impactful upgrades we can make in any space of the home, is the lighting. And why not go one step further, and incorporate a backlit mirror into your bathroom that serves two roles in one? We love the backlit mirrors by Thermogroup, as they offer multiple lighting selections, so you can really curate the mood of the room exactly to your liking. If capturing OOTDs and selfies are your thing, well then this really is the perfect lighting and mirror for you. The opulent and luxurious feel of this style of statement lighting alone is worthy to score some insta saves. With a low entry price point, this is a great first step into upgrading any bathroom.


Luxury Vanity Upgrades:

Been looking at vanities for bathrooms? With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to begin. Often vanities for bathrooms allow for personalisation and customisation, such as the placement of the basin, whether you’d like an above or under counter sink and of course, countless options for the finishes and style. As it's usually the main focal point of the bathroom, this upgrade makes the biggest impact to the overall aesthetic. Our final note, when looking at vanities for bathrooms, make sure they provide enough storage for your needs, as no one likes an excess of clutter - especially in those beautifully curated insta shots!


Spa Like Shower Experience:

Time spent in the bathroom, whether you’re getting ready or unwinding at the end of the day, can sometimes feel mundane for most. Why not enhance this moment into a luxurious spa experience? Consider installing a rainfall shower head or a multi-functional shower panel for a truly indulgent bathing experience. Complete the space with pebble floor tiles, or a wooden shower bench to really amp up that spa like experience. If your space allows for it, opt for a wet area, as opposed to a traditional 3 walls and a door shower. Not only does it allow for more space, it’s also an aesthetic which will rival those online.


Bespoke Tile Shelf:

For those considering a larger upgrade, consider installing a recessed shelf at the perfect height for you, to keep all your bathing trinkets within arm’s reach. Long gone are the days of keeping those necessities strewn on the floor of the shower, instead raise them to a height that suits you. Practical and oh-so pleasing to the eye, you’re welcome. Finish off the job with chrome tile over niche that’ll really set this bespoke shelf apart. Bonus points if you match your tapware too!

Bath Tray Display:

Our final tip, which will have your bathroom sanctuary rivalling the likes of Instagram, is to pick up a bath tray in chrome or wood. A real opportunity for your inner styling flair, set up a moment with all of your favourite bath time indulgences. Think delicious, scented candles, bath salts and perhaps even some squares of your favourite type of chocolate. The thinking here is to be as self-indulgent as possible. We love the handmade bath trays by the wood people, as no two pieces are the same. What’s more, is that this piece is uber affordable, and it makes a great gift too!


Transforming your bathroom into an insta worthy masterpiece doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task, nor does it have to break the bank. With our 5 simple suggestions on how to upgrade your space, there’s an option here that’ll suit every renovator, DIYer and inner interior stylist. Your bathroom deserves to be the oasis of the home, so go ahead and give it the love it deserves.


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