Thoughtful Gifts this Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner, and it's the perfect opportunity to show your dad just how much he means to you. This year, why not consider stepping away from the typical tie or socks and explore a unique and thoughtful gift idea bound to place a smile on his face? Fit for the DIY-er, helpful handyman, or laid back man-about-the-house, we know there’s a Bathware Direct gift you know he’ll love.

  1. For the everyday Australian, a freestanding bath is the absolute ultimate in bathroom luxury. From what feels like the beginning of time, the ladies have staked their claim to a relaxing soak in the tub (Cleopatra, we’re looking at you). However, more recent decades suggest the blokes are more than willing to enjoy a dip in the tub. If your dad truly values a (rare) moment of peace and quiet, why not consider the gift of a freestanding bath, sourced here in Australia? We’ll state the obvious, it’s a bit of an extravagant gift, but hey, why not give a gift the whole family can enjoy?

    Fienza Nero Matte White Cast Stone Bath ST12, available in various sizes, is easily our pick of the mix. Opulent and large, it’ll make dad feel like royalty while soaking in a cast stone tub. It’s just as well the water temperature will eventually get cold, because we’ll bet he’ll never want to get out!
    Bathware Direct
  2. Our next suggestion comes in at a much more accessible price point, however still brings the same sense of opulence. Offering both functionally and luxury in one thoughtful gift, a heated towel ladder is an excellent choice. Keeping towels warm and cosy, give dad a spa-like experience in his own home, at no extra effort!

    With prices starting from the low $300s, it’s an absolute no brainer. Our insider tip to get the most out of a heated towel ladder? Paired perfectly next to a freestanding bath, spacious shower or vanity - a heated towel ladder is guaranteed to get you brownie points.
    Bathware Direct

  3. Our final suggestion is one sure to impress dads everywhere… Now, have you ever heard of an LED mirror? You might ask yourself “why does dad need a mirror that lights up like a Christmas tree?” (and that’s a fair question), but if there’s one (almost) universal truth we know about dads, it’s that they LOVE tech and gadgets. Basically anything with an LED strip and they’ll come running. Surrounded by the gentle glow of light, make dad feel like the star of his own film when staring back into his own reflection from an LED mirror.

    Featuring touch-free design, 3 dimmable colour settings and metallic finishes, this is definitely a gift dad will love. Our collection of LED mirrors come in just about any shape and colour you think of, ensuring there’s a perfect one for your home. Don’t limit this one to just the bathroom, we think an LED mirror is the perfect ambient addition to just about any space in the home! 

And there you have it - three gift suggestions that bring elegance, warmth and ambiance to his home, and ditch the cliches you know he’s tired of.

Here’s to dads that deserve the best!

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