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  • 32/40 Pop Down Waste, Chrome
  • Agen Countertop Basin
  • Lyon 470mm Undercounter Basin
  • Lyon 530mm Undercounter Basin
  • Caroma Urbane Inset Basin 1TH - White
  • Ravenna Round Semi Inset Basin - White
  • Parma Rectangular Semi Inset Basin - White
  • 32/40 Pop Down Waste, Gold
  • 32/40 Pop Down Waste, Brushed Nickel
  • 32/40 Pop Down Waste, Rose Gold
  • 32/40 Pop Down Waste, Polished Brass
  • 32/40 Pop Down Waste, Gunmetal Grey
Refine Results

Choosing a basin for your bathroom hasn’t always been such a difficult task with your options frequently limited to wall mounted basins with either a shroud or pedestal to conceal the plumbing. Over time, however, we have come to expect more from our bathrooms and, accordingly, our options for basins have grown. This doesn't mean the task of choosing a basin has become exponentially more demanding, just that you have much more choice, and it will often be influenced by your choice of vanity or storage cabinet. Some vanities will limit you to only being able to use inset basins, while others will be more forgiving, allowing you to decide between above counter basins, semi-inset basins, or even semi-recessed basins. This means only choosing your basin after you have finalised your choice of vanity, but who doesn't love having almost unlimited choice?

Much like our baths, the basins at Bathware Direct do have a limit on the type of finishes available, but your basin can still be dressed up through the addition of our fantastic tapware, and your vanity, which is the true feature - not the basin. Naturally, you would still need to be aware of whether or not your basin includes any tap holes, and if so, how many. And if you're very conscious about water wastage or space, nothing stops you from adding a compact hand basin to your bathroom, for when you just need to wash your hands.


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