Soap Dishes

It’s easy to think that soap dishes is one bathroom accessory that doesn’t belong in a modern bathroom. It might be hard to imagine how soap dishes could find their way into contemporary living. That is until you see the amazing range of the latest modern soap dishes and soap baskets from Bathware Direct.

You can get a great look for all your bathroom accessories, including glass and metal soap dishes and soap baskets. It’s all here waiting at Bathware Direct.

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Without detracting from the rest of your bathroom decor, soap dishes can add a modern take on an old world item. It’s one that has a special touch of fashion adding to it’s functionality.

In a world where the tendency is towards using bottles of liquid soaps and shower gels, it’s easy to miss that the extra luxury of those items comes at an expense. Whilst they may appear more elegant, they're not very economical. Many people still prefer using a traditional bar of soap. Having a soap dish strategically positioned in your bathroom prevents soap bars being left on just any oldspare surface, and making a mess of them as the soap bar dries.

If you’re thinking of not bothering to install a soap dish, you need to ask yourself would you prefer a soap bar stuck to the shower bench or placed out of the way in a soap dish that helps keep the rest of the shower clean and tidy while helping the soap bar dry out between uses?

While it is common for some soap dishes to be installed along with the tiling, the range of soap dishes at Bathware Direct can all be installed afterward, without the need to remove any tiling or plaster. Meaning you can still install a soap dish if all you've done is updated all your bathroom accessories, without remodeling the entire bathroom. You can choose from the more traditional rounded, wire style soap baskets, or angular soap dishes made from glass or with stunning metal finishes.

The Bathware Direct Difference                                                  

There’s one place where you could find the best In bathroom supplies and accessories.

Bathware Direct have your bathroom accessories all taken care of. From soap dishes and toothbrush holders to hand towel holders, bathroom shelves, grab rails, towel ladders and more - all here for you, online - anytime.

You can shop through our extensive line of products to find exactly what you’re after.

You can bring your dream bathroom to life in all the best ways right now. With delivery Australia wide, there’s only one name you need to know - Bathware Direct.

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